WATCH: Mixed views on lifting of COVID test requirement into Jamaica | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Jamaicans have mixed views on the Government’s lifting of the requirement for people travelling to the island having to present a COVID-19 negative test that was done no later than three days before entering the country, from their various destinations.

In a snapshot of opinions by Loop News in New Kingston and Half-Way Tree on Friday afternoon, Jamaicans gave a variety of reasons why they are either for or against the lifting of the pre-test requirement to enter the island.

According to those who did not agree, the lifting of the requirement will allow individuals to come into the island with the virus and spread it among the population once again, which will return the island to where it was before, with widespread community spread.

They also said entities on the island will still require testing, so this should apply to travellers as well.

“No, I don’t agree with it. I believe that these things should still be in place, specifically for the fact that somebody can have it and they are now being able to board flights. So now we had a problem when COVID just started, with the tourists bringing it here.

“So our problem is going to start back, and the fact that things are just going down for us, I don’t think it’s fair to our people to have to be able to deal with those consequences.

“Why? Because they (the Government) probably just want the tourists to come in here of easy convenience,” said a man in Half-Way Tree.

“Yuh know seh mi don’t agree though, because wi have to just gwaan watch the COVID same way, because wi nuh really safe yet. Wi ah fi just continue wear wi mask same way, duh the test them same way, and gwaan watch it same way, because wi nuh know what is what yet,” another man stated.

A third man added: Mi nah agree with persons fi come in ah the country an nuh tek nuh test because right now me just apply fi a chef work and mi ah fi guh duh test right now fi get the job and if mi don’t duh the test, mi nah huh get nuh work. Suh anybody weh ah come in a wi country, it safer fi we if them tek them test.”

For those who agreed with the change, they expressed the belief that it will save both Jamaicans and visitors to the island, both in time and money.

“I believe that the travel restrictions for the visitors here is a good move for the country and likewise for the visitors, so both will win, the natives and the tourists.

“The COVID testing thing, to me, it is mostly about money. It’s about taking money from the people, that they have to spend to do things that they need to do. So that will help them, both the natives and the tourists,” a Rastafarian in New Kingston stated.

“Somewhat yes, because it’s stressing for travellers and it costs a lot of money, so I don’t have a problem with them doing it as long as people can just be honest and just do the right thing,” said a woman.