WATCH: Reggae Boy Je-Vaughn Watson seeks to clarify ‘arrest’ video | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Veteran Jamaican national footballer, Je-Vaughn Watson, has sought to clear the air after he was seen in a recent viral video being taken into custody by the May Pen police in Clarendon.

The caption on the initial video had given the impression that the Reggae Boy was detained for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

However, the Clarendon police have dismissed suggestion that Watson was detained, despite him being seen on the video being escorted into a police vehicle, with his knapsack being taken by a lawman.

According to the police, the video which surfaced on Friday was manipulated to give the impression that Watson was arrested.

The cops have, however, admitted that Watson was searched, but said nothing illegal was found in his possession.

In a video obtained by Loop News on Saturday, Watson sought to bring clarity to the speculations circulating on social media relative to him.

“Mi know seh a whole heap a speculation a gwaan ’bout wah inna the bag, but nutten neva inna di bag. Police officer dem just see the bag and seh dem seh dem a tek mi (in) fi some questioning,” he explained.

“… But right there and then a whole heap a crowd did a come and dem never want di misunderstanding, so dem put mi inna di van,” the footballer continued.

“So, otherwise from that, everything good. Mi think dem just a do them job and mi do it willingly, so at the end a the day a just so it go ’cause yuh know a dem work and… dem protect us. Police officers dem big up yuh self,” Watson stated.