WATCH: Residents block sections of North Coast Highway in St Mary Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Irate residents and transport operators have blocked several sections of the North Coast Highway in the vicinity of central St Mary on Tuesday as they protest the poor condition of the roads in surrounding communities.

Traffic has come to a standstill on the highway that stretches from Trinity to White Hall in the parish, as residents used old household appliances, stones and trees to block the thoroughfare.

There are also reports of roads in the communities of Islington, Heywood Hall and Free Hill being blocked by residents using fallen trees.

“Right now we want road. We can’t manage it again,” said one man at the scene of one of the roadblocks in Trinity.

Several communters, including primary and secondary school students, have been inconvenienced by the protests.

Long Road School Principal Andreth Gardener told Loop News that she, too, was unable to get to her school, which is on the eastern side of St Mary.

She said while her school will be opened, other schools will be affected as many of their teachers live on the western side of the roadblock and would not have been out before the roadblocks were mounted.

“Vehicles were diverted through Hamstead at Sanside where the road is very bad, but they block the road there, and now they cannot move,” she said.

The residents are concerned that the roads in communities such as Bailey’s Vale, Sandside, Heywood Hall, Hampstead, White Hall, Free Hill, and Islington have been largely neglected and are in a state of disrepair.

“… And we nuh have no water because a modern time now, and the water on and off in Central [St Mary] and [National] Water Commission can give we no explanation, and right now, we fed up,” explained one resident of Trinity.

Several calls to Member of Parliament for St Mary Central, Dr Morais Guy, in whose constituency the massive roadblocks have been mounted, went unanswered on Tuesday.