What do you know about the ‘wonder spice’ Saffron? Loop Jamaica

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In the vibrant tapestry of spices that colour our culinary world, one stands out for its remarkable versatility and numerous health benefits: saffron, often heralded as the “wonder spice.”

From wood or charcoal fire to modern kitchens, the wafts of saffron enveloped us with rich aroma, distinctive flavour, and potent medicinal properties.

Loop News delves into the captivating world of saffron, exploring its benefits, culinary uses, and the myriad ways it can enhance our dishes and well-being.

We’ve noted seven benefits and have listed some side effects below. Like, for starters, did you know this golden treasure is the most expensive spice in the world?

This is because saffron is obtained from the thread-like stigma of the flower Crocus sativus, commonly known as the saffron crocus and produced using a labour-intensive harvesting method.

While the origin of this bright-coloured spice, also called ‘red gold’, is debatable, it is believed the golden plant originated in Iran.

The crimson red spice is known for its health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants. So, including saffron in your diet can improve mood, libido, and more, see below.

May boost mood and remove toxins from the blood

May boost libido

May aid in weight loss

May promote heart health

May lower blood sugar levels

May improve eyesight

While saffron is safe to consume in limited amounts and offers several health benefits, consuming too much saffron can lead to problems.

Higher dosages of saffron (approximately five grams or higher) can be toxic and lead to complications, even death.

People who consume too much saffron may also experience stomach pain, nausea or vomiting, and drowsiness.

It may trigger an allergy so people at risk should avoid consuming it. A pregnant woman should also avoid overconsumption of the spice and should check with their healthcare provider to know for sure.

It is best to talk to your doctor to avoid any possible risks.