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What’s Up? with Bling Dawg

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Having found himself physically, mentally and spiritually after taking a break from music, Bling Dawg has returned with a reggae album and says, even after two decades in the business, he’s still learning.

His physical transformation has been documented, but he has also undergone a musical transformation and appears to be reaping the early rewards.

He shared thatsince releasing the album, ‘Elev8’, he’s been reaching audiences he never did before.

In this week’s Loop Entertainment feature What’s Up?, Bling Dawg aka Ricky Rudie (real name Marlon Williams) discusses his journey and lessons learnt, as well as gives a few pointers for upcoming artistes.

Of course, we also got in a question for those who may be thinking about new year’s resolutions, one of which is possibly hitting the gym or improving overall fitness.

What What’s Up?, which was shot and edited by Ramon Lindsay

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