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What’s your favourite Bounty Killer catchphrase?

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Veteran dancehall entertainer Bounty Killer has been a player in the music industry for more than three decades. While he is known for his expansive music catalogue, his philanthropy and personality have also kept him in the spotlight.

While his other monikers ‘Warlord’ and ‘Grung Godzilla’ are legendary, he is also known for his ability to coin various slangs and catchphrases that resonate with the public.

‘Yow yallow’, ‘people dead’, ‘cross, angry, miserable’, ‘I are the one’ are just some of the many slangs and catchphrases from Bounty Killer that he has put forward in songs, on stage, or in interviews.

Scores of entertainers were among the thousands of people who turned out for his 50th birthday celebration on June 12 at the Digicel Headquarters parking lot in downtown Kingston.

Loop News took the opportunity at the ‘Made In Jamroc’ concert to ask some of the entertainers about their favourite slang or catchphrase from Bounty Killer.

Watch the video clip edited by Ramon Lindsay and share your favourite slang or catchphrase from the Killer.

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