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Police personnel, including senior officers, on the scene of two murders in the Spanish Town market district on Tuesday.

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Minister of National Security, Dr Horace Chang, has signalled that with the state of emergency (SOE) now in force in St Catherine, members of the security forces will find the gangsters responsible for the upsurge of violence there, and bring stability to the parish.

Speaking at Friday morning’s press conference at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Chang said the necessary laws to remove the violence producers from the parish is embedded within the SOE legislation.

“There are several large gangs across St Catherine, particularly northern St Catherine, and two big organised units that have, in fact, created persistent criminal activities in the area,” he said.

Dr Horace Chang (file photo)

“The violence producers in this area need to be removed immediately to restore order and restore public safety. The security forces will find the violence producers. We know where they are and we will apprehended them and restore calm and public order,” he added.

Chang, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister, committed to giving the security forces the necessary resources to remove the criminals from the various communities.

“These gangs embedded in the community – whether Unruly or One Order, and many others out there – we will find them, dismantle them and remove the criminal elements from our communities,” he said.

Chang claimed that the security forces require the SOE legislation to effectively deliver on that mandate.

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