‘Which day should we cook up a storm?’: J’cans mull long Xmas holiday Loop Jamaica

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Jamaicans, for the most part, are looking forward to the long Christmas public holiday period this year, based on the views expressed by some on social media. After all, Christmas in Jamaica features Grand Market, elaborate church services, parties or family events with sumptuous food – from sorrel, ham, curried goat, pork, oxtail, gungo peas and rice, or the good old rice and red peas.

Then there is community get together, those who opt to give to the less fortunate, or others who opt for some simple rest after working hard throughout the year.

For whatever the reason, individuals cannot wait to enjoy themselves this year, especially with two years of restrictions in movement and leisure that was brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security on Thursday advised that the Holiday (Public General) Act provides that whenever Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, the following Monday (December 26) and the Tuesday (December 27) are to be observed as Public General Holidays.

In a release, the ministry said consequently, “the public is being advised that as Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year, Monday, December 26, 2022, and Tuesday, December 27, 2022, will be observed as Public General Holidays”. Similarly, with New Year’s Day to fall on a Sunday, Monday, January 2, 2023 will be observed as a Public General Holiday.

The news relative to the three holidays instead of the normal two had Christmas Day fallen on any day outside of Sunday, has been largely welcomed, though some, who could be deemed as ‘spoilers of the fun’, did not agree.

Persons such as Facebook user, Shauna Paisley, said she would use the extended holidays to rest.

“More sleep for me and relaxation, so I don’t have an issue,” she commented.

Shared another user of the platform, Beverly Evans: “Lots of people will be happy for this; more sporting, (but) as for me, I will be home relaxing.”

Wayne Hall wrote: “Will be in the country and spend some extra time with family that I haven’t seen in a while. Welcome the break.”

However, there were some who suggested that Christmas Day should remain on Sunday, December 25, only.

Any day Christmas fall on is Christmas for me,” wrote Facebook user, Judith Smith.

Tanel Mitchell shared similar views in commenting that, “I don’t support this (Christmas Day being celebrated on Monday, December 26).

“Any day Christmas falls on is Christmas Day,” she added.

“Tanel Mitchell, agree with you on that,” wrote Zoya Kong in response to Mitchell’s position on the matter.

Interestingly, there were similar perspectives on Instagram relative to the extended holiday period.

“Christmas is Sunday… Jamaica (has) too many holiday,” wrote Shigirl678.

Commented Amon4bro: “How does this benefit Jamaica? Loss of productivity. Laws need urgent review now”.

Argued Weston.haye: “This is nothing new with holidays, but to me it makes no sense, as that’s a loss for the country and Jamaicans not really productive either to deserve this. My views by the way, so don’t argue.”

But Instagrammer, kaybeeeee234, had an interesting take on the overall development of the extended holiday period.

“So which day should we cook the whole heap a food? Sunday or Monday? If it’s Monday, do we even cook (on) Sunday? Mi nuh like dis!” she stated with some ‘serious’ questions in the mix.

In response to her comments, rodney.nadeen said: “I was thinking the same”.

Zahvimomi also responded by stating that, “Me a do it (the cooking) the Sunday. Monday won’t feel like Christmas. It ago feel like Boxing Day.”

Trishtboz said: “Do Sunday Monday… so u nuh affi cook Monday… lol… That’s if you eat overnight food.”