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Dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper gets candid in this week’s Who Knew, as she talks to Loop News about whether her breasts were part of the ‘designer body’ package, her weird fan moment and much more.

The ‘Pretty Butterfly’ artiste, whose real name is Felicia Gooden, also tells Loop Entertainment that her ability to adjust is what has made her stronger. Check out this week’s Who Knew feature with the ‘Sculpture’ singjay.

Loop Entertainment: What are two things about you that people would be surprised to know?

Lisa Hyper: I can be jovial, and even though I sing a lot of sexual songs, I hardly have sex.

Loop Entertainment: Is it true that you didn’t get your breasts done?

Lisa Hyper: Yes, it is true. I have not had my breasts done. I decided to undergo [cosmetic] surgery so I could explore my sense of creativity throughout my work.

Also, I had a huge hernia that I did not know about, which caused my stomach to grow when I actually thought my belly was just getting big and nothing was working to get rid of it. So I decided to do the surgery, and [that’s when] I found out about the hernia.

Loop Entertainment: Have you ever had a weird fan moment as a member of the Gaza Empire or as a solo artiste?

Lisa Hyper: I have had a weird moment, more than once, with fans, but the most shocking one was when I was performing, and a female touched me on my vagina.

Loop Entertainment: Do you have any other combination songs with Vybz Kartel?

Lisa Hyper: I prefer to keep the suspense for that.

Loop Entertainment: Which three places in the world are you looking forward to visiting next year?

Lisa Hyper: Dubai; Medell?n, Colombia; and Bora Bora

I would love to visit those three places because I’m a traveller. I’m very adventurous. I always thought a perfect vacation would be in Dubai and Bora Bora. I’ve been obsessed with Griselda Blanco, so I always wanted to visit Medell?n, Colombia because that’s where she is from.

Loop Entertainment: What particular trait helped you to survive the pandemic? Were you surprised at your resilience?

Lisa Hyper: The particular trait that I possess that helped me survive the pandemic and emerge stronger is being able to adjust.

No, I’m not surprised at my own resilience and strength because I’m the epitome of strength, thanks to God, and I face difficulties head-on instead of falling into despair or using unhealthy coping strategies.

Loop Entertainment: What are the top five songs you’re listening to now?

Lisa Hyper: My top five songs on my iPod this week are: ‘Nuh Frighten’, by myself; ‘Lost One’, by Jay-Z ft Chrisette Michele; ‘Saw Di Hype’, which I’m about to release by myself; ‘Tears of Regret’, by Nicki Minaj; and ‘Sculpture’, by me.

Loop Entertainment: Have you ever tried doing a nine-to-five?

Lisa Hyper: I tried working a nine-to-five [and] got fired the first day.

Loop Entertainment: Would any other career interest you?

Lisa Hyper: An accountant or choreographer, or even a queen pin.