Wigton Windfarm appoints Michelle Chin Lenn as acting MD Loop Jamaica

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Renewable energy company Wigton Windfarm has announced the appointment of Michelle Chin Lenn as acting managing director, effective April 1, following the departure of Earlington, who steps down on March 31.

With a 17-year tenure at Wigton, Chin Lenn’s extensive background in engineering and project management and leadership in the successful execution of Wigton Phases II and III expansions, along with her pivotal role in strategic planning and diversification, positions her uniquely to steer Wigton during this transition period and while the company looks to fill the position of managing director.

Under Barrett’s stewardship, Wigton has seen remarkable financial performance and solidified its position at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

Outgoing managing director of Wigton Windfarm Earlington Barrett (left) and Michelle Chin Lenn

Wigton achieved significant financial milestones, including soaring sales to $2.2 billion and operating profits of $1.1 billion in the last fiscal year, demonstrating thecCompany’s operational efficiency and market strength under Barrett’s leadership.

Barrett’s strategic foresight was instrumental in commissioning Wigton Phases II and III, major expansions that have contributed significantly to Jamaica’s energy sustainability goals.

Furthermore, his leadership saw the launch of the Wigton-IEC Joint Venture, marking a pivotal step in the diversification of Wigton’s portfolio with projects like the two-megawatt solar photovoltaic system at the Norman Manley International Airport.

Recognising the importance of self-reliance and skill development, Barrett championed the establishment of the Wigton Renewable Energy Training Lab. This lab provides training in eight renewable energy sources and empowers a new generation of Jamaican engineers and energy professionals.

Barrett was awarded the 2023 CARICOM Energy Achievement Award for the “stellar track record of the Wigton Windfarm under Mr Barret’s leadership” and overseeing the “democratisation of the ownership of Wigton Windfarm when Wigton was listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange in March 2019, through an initial public offering, which allowed an estimated 31,000 Jamaicans to contribute to the nation’s energy transition by owning shares in the company.”