Williams condemns Mona High students’ ‘unacceptable behaviour’ Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Minister of Education and Youth Fayval Williams has “strongly condemned” what she has described as the “unacceptable behaviour” of students from Mona High School and their supporters, who stormed the nearby Jamaica College campus Monday morning while celebrating their weekend Manning Cup football victory.

Reports are that students and supporters from Mona High went on a victory march from their school campus to Liguanea as they celebrated their first hold on the Manning Cup trophy, the symbol of football supremacy among Corporate Area high schools.
On their way back, a group broke away from the main march and stormed the Jamaica College compound at 189 Old Hope Road, disrupting classes amid loud shouts and simulations of gunshots being fired.

Expletives were also hurled at the security guard at the gate, which was breached, as is evident in a now viral video of the rowdy behaviour by the students and their supporters.
Williams noted that while it is understandable that passion and emotions will run high as a part of inter-school competition, students and their supporters should demonstrate respect for themselves and competitors at all times.

“Good sportsmanship takes place, not only on the field, but also how we interact with our competitors on the roads and in all other arenas,” she said.

Ironically, Mona High, which marks 44 years since it was opened in 1979, is coached by JC old boy Craig Butler.

The actions of the Mona High students have been widely condemned on social media.