Winning women worship at Woman Ignite Success Summit Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Against the backdrop of International Women’s Weekend, the Woman Ignite Success Summit (WISS) took centre stage at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel from earlier this month.  

This ground-breaking event brought together women from diverse corners of the globe, igniting a powerful movement toward empowerment and accelerated success.

The atmosphere was electric and spirits were high as women locked in to the workshops and keynote presentations from the power-packed line-up that included luminaries such as Dr Caroline Leaf, Communication Pathologist and Clinical Neuroscientist; Dr Latoyna Moore, Visionary Coach and Consultant; Nona Jones, Chief Content & Partnerships Officer for YouVersion; among others.

The Worshippers Ignite ensemble, under the baton of Dr Nadine Blair, comprising Alicia Taylor, Audia Spencer, Sadra Madonna Lindsay, Kayann Ledford, Christina Broderick, Khamiele Lawrence, and Osheen Jarrett, also orchestrated a symphony of elevated worship.

WISS Founder and ONEGROUP CEO, Keneshia Nooks Blake said: “Each year this event surpasses all expectations. I am simply blown away by the testimonies of the women who ensured that they were present for another year of worship, empowerment and overall success in their business, families, faith, and mental health. We are thrilled with the success of this year’s summit. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by all attendees were truly inspiring. It’s clear that women everywhere are ready to step into their power and create the lives they’ve always dreamed of.”

The summit delved into various facets of women’s empowerment, spanning faith, business, career, and mental health. Among the standout sessions was Nona Jones’s keynote address, titled “The Gift of Rejection.” Jones emphasized that rejection isn’t a setback but a guiding force toward our true purpose. She highlighted how rejection unveils genuine connections, fortifies our self-identity, and deepens our spiritual bond with God. Jones encouraged attendees to embrace rejection as a catalyst for fulfilling their divine calling rather than allowing it to hinder their progress.

As the summit came to a close, attendees left feeling empowered, inspired, and equipped with the tools they need to achieve their goals. With hearts full of hope and minds focused on success, these winning women are ready to take on the world and make their dreams a reality.

Two-Time WISS attendee and Senior Radio Producer, Kimberly Broderick said: “As I reflect on my experience at the Woman Ignite Success Summit, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of empowerment and possibility. The connections made, the knowledge gained, and the inspiration shared have ignited a fire within me to pursue my dreams fearlessly. Thank you, WISS, for providing a platform where women can come together, support each other, and truly ignite their paths to success. I have Accelerated, I am ready to start my business and I am ready to thrive in 2025!”

The Woman Ignite Foundation (WIF) has embarked on a journey to raise 50,000 USD to help women at-risk with its legacy project, the WAR (women at-risk) Initiative. The WAR Initiative is specifically focused on helping young women at risk, re-integrate into society and actualize their goals, passions, and ambitions successfully. The Foundation focuses specifically on young women who have experienced trauma, incarceration, abuse, teen pregnancy, or human trafficking.