WiPay awarded GOJ food assistance grant | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Digital payment company WiPay has commenced the second phase of grant payments for the government of Jamaica after completing phase one of the GOJ Digital Grant programme.

In phase one, WiPay distributed $159 million in grant assistance to 10,000 Jamaicans utilising WiPay’s Digital Fiat Technology.

Phase two, valued at $200 million, will use the same technology to distribute cash to 20,000 Jamaicans over the next two months.

The digital solution, developed for the Government of Jamaica by WiPay — and managed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security- provides the government with the functionality of generating QR Codes and distributing them directly to beneficiaries’ mobile devices.

The generated QR code is unique to each beneficiary and can be utilised at hundreds of merchants across the island. When a merchant with a WiPay smart terminal is presented with a QR code, their bio-data is verified before making the pay-out.

Wipay’s Digital Fiat Platform will save the government millions of dollars in the printing and mailing of cheques, and fraud associated with cashing cheques. Once a grant is successfully redeemed, the government can view and track the data in real-time.

The platform dashboard produces detailed transaction reports, including the merchant location the grant was encashed; the total number of grants cashed in a parish; who cashed the grant (with photo proof; and when the grant was cashed.

“WiPay is proud to partner with the Government of Jamaica via the Ministry of Labour and Social Services for the implementation of our Digital Fiat Technology under the government’s go-digital mandate,” said Kibwe McGann, WiPay’s Country Manager.

Across the region, the WiPay Grant Platform saves governments millions in administrative fees and costs associated with manual processes.