WISS takes centre stage for International Women’s Day Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Women Ignite Success Summit (WISS) 2024 promises to bring powerful speakers to educate and motivate its target market even as it helps them to “accelerate” plans of entrepreneurship and personal development. The event was launched on Tuesday at the Courtleigh Hotel & Suites in Kingston. 

This year will mark the third staging of the faith-based, women empowerment conference conceptualised by Keneshia Nooks Blake, CEO of One Integrated Group Limited (ONEGROUP), a full-service communications agency in Kingston.

Designed to empower women in areas of faith, business, career and entrepreneurship, finance, love, family and marriage as well as mental health and wellness, the two-day conference will be held at the Jamaica Pegasus on March 8 to 9 and will see a stellar line up of local, Caribbean and international speakers. 

This year, the event is being planned to coincide with International Women’s Day, which will be celebrated on the first day of the event. The organisers project to host over 5000 women from five different countries.

“If you are between the ages 18-65 years then you are in a safe space to gather, learn, engage and grow through the various skills and experiences of Christian ministers, educators, executives, business leaders, and glass-ceiling breakers,” the organisers note on the event’s website.

Nooks Blake explained: “WISS 2024 re-establishes our original commitment to serve a community of women and girls aged 18-65 years. Our mission is to provide a platform for personal and professional development.”

The organisers have confirmed 11 speakers thus far, among them:  marriage and family therapist Bishop Carla Dunbar; communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf; performance coach and entrepreneur Natalie Taylor; entrepreneur speaker and author Nona Jones and Simone Keize, Nooks Blake said will teach participants how to get out of debt, manage finances, and propel themselves to a place of wealth.

The conference will also elucidate the notion of the alignment of success with mental and emotional well-being. 

“Jodi-Ann Gosling-Williams will teach us that the process of success has a lot to do with mental and emotional (wellbeing). She will speak on how to cut things from our past so that we can propel into our future of great success,” Nooks Blake said.

“While some people will take on very successful careers in corporate, some people will excel in the area of entrepreneurship and we need to learn how to do it and do it right, not just hustle.  There is strength and power in setting up your business properly and doing it the right way,” Nooks Blake said.

Speaking to the significance of the third staging, Nooks Blake noted the biblical   significance of the number three as well as the fact that organisers “now have a true understanding of our purpose in the marketplace and we can place a stamp of fulfilment on the many lives it (the event) has impacted since its inception.” 

She urged women to step into their purpose. “If you have an idea, this year, all it takes is for you to move on faith, just do it,” Nooks Blake said as she further urged the audience of mostly women to “accelerate,” whatever plans and ideas they hold this year. 

“If God said it, we are going to move in it,” she said.