Wiynsco inventory not affected by recent fire | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

The Wisynco Group is reassuring its customers, associates and shareholders that its inventory has not been affected by the last Friday, April 1.

The manufacturer also disclosed that its Lakes Pen facility was not damaged, and it sustained minimal loss as the blaze was confined to the trucking yard.

“Most importantly, there was no loss of life or limb. In addition, with operations continuing as usual, the Wisynco team was allowed to return to work the same night since the fire did not cause any significant disruptions in service,” Wisycno said in a statement this week.

Wisynco also extended gratitude to the team at Lakes Pen, St Catherine facility and the Portmore, Spanish Town, and May Pen fire departments.

The prompt action of five fire trucks and 30 firefighters contained a fire alarm on the evening of April 1, it said.

Wisynco attributed the speedy containment of the blaze to its health, safety, and environmental systems. This includes Wisynco’s fire suppression system, consisting of a 275,000-gallon capacity fire suppression tank that supplies on-premises hydrants.

“As the firefighters tackled the blaze, it allowed the fire trucks to have direct access to water supply and continually refill their tanks,” the company noted.

Wisynco said it would continue to do its best to anticipate incidents of this nature and manage them as best as possible.

There was a major fire at Wisynco in 2016, resulting in the buildout of a refurbished complex that reopened in 2017.