Woman shot dead at wake, four others injured in St Catherine | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

A woman was shot dead and three other people injured during an attack by gunmen at a Nine Night in Central Village, St Catherine on Friday.

Reports are that the deceased female, arrived on the island Thursday, to bury her mother and was at the wake that was being held in the Spaulding section of the mentioned parish when gunmen invaded the event.

Sources report that armed men opened fire on a group of people before escaping.

Police were called and during a search of the area four people were found suffering from gunshot wounds, the injured were rushed to the hospital where one woman from the group succumbed to injuries.

The other victims in the group were admitted to a hospital.

The attack comes just days after a separate incident where two people, one of them the sister of Ananda Dean, were shot and killed and two other people injured in the same parish.

There were no reported connections between the two cases.