Yacht flying Jamaican flag spray-painted by climate activists in Spain Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

A pair of climate activists were held by the police after spraying Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie’s GBP 240 million superyacht, which flies the Jamaican flag, with paint

The protesters from Futuro Vegetal sprayed the 360-foot yacht using adapted fire extinguishers while it was moored in Ibiza, Spain, on July 16.

Video footage of the incident shows the stern of the vessel–named Kaos–being spattered with red and black paint as deckhands try to hose it off.

The activists then held up a sign saying “You Consume Others Suffer” before being spoken to by a security guard.

The yacht can be seen sailing out of the harbour with its stern still stained.

The incident was the latest in a series of Europe-wide stunts where eco-activists try to disrupt major sporting events and target the rich and powerful.

The second piece of footage shows the two activists holding up the sign and demanding change, with the first activist saying: “The Mediterranean Sea is a human cemetery. Just this year, 951 people have died on the borders of our country.

“We cannot afford to be rich, these people [migrants] did not travel here in a private yacht.”

The other activist then says: “One per cent of the world population pollutes more than the 50 per cent of poor people, they are destroying our planet, endangering the habitability of our land to have a lifestyle that is beyond reasonable limits.

“They are condemning us to a future of pain, misery, and desolation only to keep their privileges.”

We need to change the way things are being done, it is a life and death situation, and currently, it is a matter that is killing people.”

A yacht owner’s choice of flag indicates where the vessel is registered.