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A hobby is an activity that I do in my spare time for fun. I would need to do this consistently for me to be able to call it my hobby. There are hobbies that I can learn to assist me to be able to take breaks and relax.

In my leisure time, I practise the piano, bake, and swim. However, my favourite hobbies are singing and drawing in my sketchbook and digitally on my devices. I can do these for hours and never get tired of doing them.

There are many hobbies that I want to learn, but if I had to choose one, it would be coding.

Coding, sometimes called computer programming, is how we communicate with computers. I love coding because I can be creating something new, and no one will know about it until it is finished.

Code tells a computer what actions to take. When I code, it is like I am creating a set of instructions. Computer programmers use code to program websites, mobile and desktop applications, and social platforms.

When I become a professional coder, I will be able to help people communicate with others and get things done every day of our lives. I think that it is very important that I learn to code properly. I find coding to be an interesting hobby, because it teaches me important skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Coding is also a skill that may help me in the future to find a job.

I can always use my hobbies to uplift my life. By using coding, I can create something new and original, like a game, make a drawing tool, or animations. The possibilities are endless.

By Zwaditu Maxwell
Grade 5 students at Mona Preparatory School