West Kendall Baptist Hospital Tests Advanced CT System

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Ricardo Cury, M.D., leads clinical evaluation of GE Healthcare’s innovative Revolution CT

CaribPR Wire, MIAMI, FL, Tues. Dec. 17, 2013:  Radiologists at West Kendall Baptist Hospital have completed a clinical evaluation of a highly advanced new computed tomography (CT) system developed by GE Healthcare. A CT scan uses X-rays to make detailed, cross-sectional images of body organs.

GE Healthcare collaborated with West Kendall Baptist Hospital to demonstrate the capabilities of the new Revolution CT scanner. The clinical data obtained will be used to create sample clinical images for product and technology development, for FDA regulatory submission and inclusion in publications.

“This is innovation at its best and is really an all-in-one scanner,” said Ricardo Cury, M.D., Chairman of Radiology and Director of Cardiac Imaging at Baptist Health South Florida, who was the principal investigator of the study. “Diagnostic-quality images of the coronary vessels are now possible in patients with high heart rates with a single heartbeat acquisition, which is a significant advancement. The impressive ability of Revolution CT to combine improvements in coverage, spatial and temporal resolution in a single scanner will translate into many clinical applications and improved patient care.”

The Revolution CT addresses the challenges of getting accurate diagnostic images for patients with high or irregular heartbeats. Due to the speed, coverage and the unique intelligent motion-correction capability of Revolution CT, motion-free cardiac images are possible even for these patients. The system offers shorter scan times and optimized X-ray dose. There are also scan modes for pediatric use.

“The opportunity to partner with GE Healthcare for this clinical evaluation is an important step in building our reputation as a research and teaching facility,” said West Kendall Baptist Hospital Chief Executive Officer Javier Hernández-Lichtl. “Our physicians are pleased to contribute their expertise to this important initiative.”

“This will be the first CT scanner that’s right for everybody in every clinical specialty,” said Steve Gray, president and CEO of MICT & AW for GE Healthcare. “Revolution CT is able to scan even the most challenging patients, day in and day out, with remarkably clear images. And we made sure that using it is productive, logical and intuitive.”

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