Drug Prevention Action Thriller Available in Three Languages

NEW YORK, Aug. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Less than seven months after the release of his hard hitting novel Rude Buay … The Unstoppable in English, prolific, national bestselling author John A. Andrews released  a follow up edition in two other languages.

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 Andrews, also a visionary, saw the need to etch Chico Rudo … El Imparable after a book signing tour of Puerto Rico in January. It was during that visit to PR that he met with film commissioners to discuss the possibility of filming some scenes for the movie on that Island.

Andrews decided to publish a Chinese edition, and plans on taking this translation to the Beijing International Book Fair in September. He loves the timing of this new release and its appeal to the Eastern market.

 This original story embedded with scenes in the martial arts genre, has been tugging at the hearts of Asians since its release, indicated by a successful debut signing event held in a predominantly Asian community in Los Angeles, California.

It is believed that this Chinese edition will not only hit home with Asian readers as the Spanish edition will with Latinos, but extend its roots as an International account as well. Like the James Bond series created by Ian Fleming, Rude Buay, pronounced “Rude Boy,” maintains international pizzazz. Even so, it sets itself apart: cemented in a deep rooted Caribbean culture, thus branded as a gritty, ethnic, relentless, modern day action adventure. 

 With events surrounding the recent extradition of Christopher “Dudus” Coke from Jamaica, the use of narcotics among teens and adults warrants a massive wakeup call.

 Rude Buay … The Unstoppable is a blend of Traffic meets Casino Royale with Charlie’s Angels gone corrupt. The film is currently in development and is expected to plunge into pre-production this fall.

 Synopsis: Author John A. Andrews, son of the Caribbean soil, penetrates inside the belly of the drug world. In an environment saturated with corruption, deception, duplicity, deceit, and inequities of all kinds, Andrews conceives a cross Atlantic, greed driven fiasco, embedded within the drug epidemic. Can Jamaican born, DEA “Rude Buay,” save his country from the tyranny of the Dragon Drug Cartel?

 The sequel Rude Buay … The Untouchable is set in China, Jamaica, Miami and Colombia, and could hit the literary scene in hardcover as early as March 2012.

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