Heated standoff: Cops, motorist trade blows? Loop Jamaica

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Mixed views from members of the public regarding incident

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Cops, motorist standoff..

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A transport operator has been arrested after he was caught on camera assaulting a female officer.

Sources are reporting that the incident took place over the weekend.

Reports are that two officers were arresting the motorists for a traffic infringement when the male motorist allegedly struck the female officer in her face.

The incident has however triggered mixed reactions from some members of the public after the policewoman was also seen in the same video hitting back the accused man in the face and using a baton on him while he was held by another male officer.

There were some members of the public who felt the action was justified and there were others who objected.

“Social media comments are irrelevant these days. It is biased toward certain people especially if you serving the country in any capacity. It is extremely unfair if the woman wasn’t a police officer them would say how dear you box the woman,” another user said.

“The level of arrogance in these comments big up you self police lady you stand your ground firmly and used the necessary use of force as you were trained,” said one social media user.

There were others who shared a different view.

“Police need to also be taught how to respect the rights of citizens too and how to de-escalate situations,” said another user.

“They say respect goes both ways,” said one user.

Following that incident, the police reissued a call for members of the public to comply with the police in the lawful execution of their duty.

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