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Superintendent Eron Samuels

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In continuing the gains made relative to a reduction in murders last year, the St James Police Division has reported a nine per cent reduction in that category of crime for the first quarter of 2024.

At the same time, the police are stepping up their efforts to ensure that the second city of Montego Bay is properly secured and policed.

The overall update was provided by newly appointed head of the St James police, Superintendent Eron Samuels, during Thursday’s monthly meeting of the St James Municipal Corporation (SJMC).

“For the police, the first quarter (of this year) we started off fairly good. We are currently having a slight reduction in most of our major crimes,” he said.

“We have a nine per cent reduction in murders that we are trying to build on. Our efforts are bearing fruit with the seizure of quite a few weapons,” Samuels added.

In fact, he said over the past two weeks, nine illegal firearms were seized during operations in various sections of St James.

Turning to the overall policing strategies for the parish, Samuels said “there are some communities that are giving us a little bit of trouble.

“However, we are ensuring that our (the police’s) presence is felt within that space,” he assured.

Samuels said the new Commissioner of Police, Dr Kevin Blake, has indicated that he (Blake) will be ensuring that the townships island-wide are fully secured and policed.

The St James police commander said that has always been a “mantra” for the parish’s police in relation to the city of Montego Bay.

“So, we will be pushing some energy, as we have spoken about already, to get our operations back up and running, not just from the police side, but all the stakeholders who have some interest in enforcement within the township of Montego Bay,” said Samuels.

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