Charlton McFarlane’s RGD farewell moves some to tears Loop Jamaica

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The staff at the Registrar General’s Department bade farewell to Charlton McFarlane on Thursday, which was reportedly his final day at the helm of the organisation.

McFarlane, who is reported to have resigned from the post, was met by cheering colleagues who lined the driveway, some of whom could be heard saying, “We love you, Sir”, in a video shared on RGD’s social media platforms.

“We thank you and appreciate you, Mr McFarlane,” the caption read.

McFarlane became CEO of RGD, the sole repository of records in Jamaica, in 2020.

Social media users have reacted to the outpouring of love the RGD staff showed the former CEO, with many saying they were moved to tears.

“Tears filled my eyes watching this clip. It seems like you have done your best sir, and all is well,” said one user of X, formerly Twitter.

“Mi seh mi over yahso a bawl and don’t know the man from Adams 😩😢#HeartFelt,” said one user on Instagram.

Another said: “Me bawl living eye wata eno 😢😢❤️❤️❤️”

Others commented on how rare a display what was captured on video is, pointing out that McFarlane must have been a “true leader” for staff to react like that on his departure from the company.

“People nuh normally love their boss , so I can see he was a good man,” said one user on Instagram.

“This shows you were a leader. It is rare staff shows such honour when their boss is departing,” said another.

“This is so emotionally! How many in management/leadership positions would get  this kind of emotional farewell from 🤔♥️💯👏👏” an X user said.

Just over a week ago, a report by the Integrity Commission recommended that McFarlane be charged for failing to file his statutory declarations for four years.

He pleaded guilty to counts of failing to submit his statutory declarations for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, earlier this week.

McFarlane is to be sentenced on May 13.