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The Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) is urging the nation to embrace the resurrection of Jesus Christ as a beacon of hope for the future, moving beyond the shadows of history’s misdeeds.

In its 2024 Easter message, the JCC emphasised that the risen Christ symbolises a break from the chains of past injustices, deception, power abuse, human neglect, hostility, and violence.

The JCC called upon the faithful, as bearers of the resurrection’s promise, to heed the cries for salvation that echo from the nation’s most vulnerable corners. The Church is tasked to shine as a light of truth, to speak for the silent, and to manifest the love and compassion Christ showed at Calvary.

Rejecting passive observation of suffering, the JCC challenged the Church to actively promote justice, integrity, and transparency, not just in governance but within its own walls, contributing to Jamaica’s progress in beauty, fellowship, and prosperity.

“The JCC reframes our collective journey not as a frantic dash for personal success, but as a compassionate marathon for those on the margins. The resurrection’s enduring message summons us to advocate for peace and community building,” the JCC Easter message stated.

“This Easter, let us boldly declare hope and strive for sanctity, knowing our actions today will shape tomorrow. Together, let us forge ‘Jamaica, Land we Love’, as vessels of divine grace.”

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