Four injured in early-morning fiery crash on highway Loop Jamaica

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Four injured in early-morning fiery crash on highway

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Four people travelling in a Toyota Corolla motor car on the East-West Highway this morning received burns after the vehicle crashed into the median at a section of the road.

In a video, which captured the fiery crash, one man, who was engulfed in flames, could be seen rolling from the vehicle.

According to information reaching Loop News, the men were travelling on the highway about 7:30am, when on getting to the Bodles entrance to the highway, another vehicle drove onto the road.

According to one of the occupants of the crashed vehicle, in order to avoid a collision with the vehicle that came onto the highway, the driver reportedly swerved and their Toyota Corolla crashed into the median before bursting into flames.

The four men managed to escape, but not before receiving burns. They were all taken to hospital.

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