School violence escalates among some Corporate Area high schools Loop Jamaica

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Tensions are rising among several prominent high schools in the Corporate Area as violent clashes among groups of students have been going viral on social media.

The police are among the officials probing the incidents, which they are seeking to bring under control.

The dispute appears to have stemmed from a romantic rivalry between two male students over a female student who attends The Queen’s School, an all-girl institution.

However, police believe the personal dispute that started last week and spilled over into this week, has escalated significantly, and now involves several students from different high schools, including Mona High, Calabar High, Jamaica College, St George’s College and The Queen’s School.

In media interviews, Principal of Mona High School, Keven Jones, said a female student was reportedly previously involved with a student from Calabar High School, but she is now said to be seeing a male student from Mona High.

“Apparently the young lady from Queen’s was involved with a young man from Calabar High School, but she’s now involved with a young man from Mona High, and so, threats have been sent, you know, that this boy (from Mona) must leave the girl alone, etcetera,” said Jones.

That development prompted threats against the Mona High School student, with tensions coming to a head in physical altercations among students from the two schools at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre last week.

Punches were thrown among several male students in that incident.

A disturbing video was then circulated on social media of a fight on Wednesday among male students of a number of schools on a street in the Corporate Area. That clash reportedly involved male students of the schools, including of Calabar High School and St George’s College

The video shows a male student with a wound to his face.

On seeing that video and due to the ongoing school violence, Jones took the decision to close Mona High School for two days, starting on Thursday, in order to protect his students.

It is understood that The Queen’s School has taken similar action.

In a notice seen by Loop News, Jones told parents and guardians that, “We value the lives of our children and we do not wish for any harm to come to them.

“We are in contact with the police and we will continue to monitor the situation until it is safe for our children to return to the physical space,” added Jones.

Meanwhile, head of the St Andrew Central Police Division, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, said the police would be sending teams to the schools involved on Thursday in an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

Officers are also to monitor potential hotspots, such as the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre, to prevent further violence among the students.