Scotiabank Foundation activates Read Across Jamaica Day initiative Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Scotiabank Foundation, announced on #parentingmonday plans to participate in this year’s Read Across Jamaica Day initiative.

The gathering, slated for Tuesday, May 7 at the Holy Family Primary School, will see Scotiabank execs in classrooms, reading with students.

Members of the Scotiabank team including Perrin Gayle, head of Retail Banking and Small Business, Caribbean North and Central, will attend engaging with students starting.

The purpose of this annual event, which has become a cherished tradition, was created to foster the love of reading, and learning among Jamaican youth.

In addition to Holy Family Primary, scores of members of the Scotiabank team will be visiting 21 other schools across the island as part of Scotiabank’s commitment to education and community engagement.

They will be reading to students and facilitating interactive and educational activities designed to promote literacy and inspire young minds.

The schools include: PenTab Basic School, Mountain View Primary, Our Lady of the Angels Kindergarten, Avondale Kindergarten and Preparatory School, St Aloysius Primary, St Francis Primary & Infant School, Constant Spring Primary, Gospel Refuge Basic School, Bryce Primary School, Gran Comienzo Preparatory, Boundbrook Infant School, Brown’s Town Primary, Tomlinson’s Christian Academy, Ensom City Primary, Gregor Park Primary, Barracks Road Primary, Catherine Hall Primary, Albion Primary & Junior High, Green Pond Primary and Mt Airy All Age.

Read Across Jamaica Day is a celebration of literacy and cultural enrichment that brings communities together through the joy of reading.

On this day, Jamaicans of all ages immerse themselves in the wonders of literature, sharing stories, exploring new worlds, and fostering a love of reading.

From schools to libraries, homes to public spaces, the Rock comes alive with the magic of storytelling, empowering youngsters to unlock their imaginations, expand their horizons, and embrace the power of knowledge.

It’s a day that not only promotes literacy but also celebrates the rich tapestry of Jamaican culture and heritage through the written word.

Read Across Jamaica Day is observed annually on May 9.