Alleged robbers freed after cops again fail to provide video evidence Loop Jamaica

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Two men who were charged with stealing money from a truck in Manor Park, St Andrew last year, were freed after the police for the ‘second final time’, failed to deliver key evidence in the matter.

When they appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday, Donald Brown and Edward White had the charge of larceny dismissed against them for want of prosecution.

The police handling the case failed to bring video recording that they claimed they had showing the men breaking into and taking money from the truck.

The defence and the prosecution have been waiting on the video evidence since July of last year during the early stage of the matter.

In April last year, according to a police report, the now complainant stopped in Manor Park to make a purchase, and left his vehicle parked.

When he went back, he realised that a bag with money in it was missing from the vehicle.

The complainant, who did not see who broke into his vehicle, reported the matter to the police.

Days later, the police pull over a car with Brown and White, ran the licence plate for the vehicle, then informed the men that they had been captured on video footage breaking into a vehicle.

However, after the men were charged, it became difficult for the defence, the crown or the judges in court to get a copy of the video recording.

A judge had ordered that the video evidence be brought to court no later than September 2023. However, that date and a final date set for April this year, were both not met.

A second ‘final date’ was set in May, and when that was also not met, the matter was dismissed.