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President of the Jamaica Alumni Association of High Schools, Evan Thompson.

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The Jamaica Alumni Association of High Schools (JAAHS) has expressed concern over the recent rise in violent altercations between students in local high schools. 

In a news release JAAHA says it joins the public in condemning these incidents and urges all stakeholders to work together for a solution.

“JAAHS applauds the collaborative efforts initiated by principals of the affected schools and encourages alumni groups to contribute to restoring peace within these institutions. 

“We recognise our responsibility, and that of members, to promote the social and mental well-being of students, thereby reducing the likelihood of future conflicts,” Evan Thompson, president of JAAHS said in the release.  

JAAHS said it also acknowledges the positive impact of mentorship and welfare programmes implemented by alumni associations and offers support in identifying best practices and sharing success stories.

“The association is emphasising the multi-faceted nature of student violence and proposes a multi-pronged approach that addresses psycho-social, spiritual, and physical needs. 

“We strongly support the Ministry of Education and Youth’s efforts to mainstream conflict resolution within the high school curriculum and pledges its backing to all progressive initiatives aimed at achieving this goal.

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