Campari Xodus Tailgate wishes patrons peace and love Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Carnival Thursday in Jamaica was blissful as Campari Xodus Tailgate returned with Jamaica’s only tailgate event.

There were numerous events on the calendar, as carnival week progressed, and patrons made their way to the National Stadium Car Park on Thursday night to immerse themselves in the one-of-a-kind event hosted by ‘the biggest Carnival band in Jamaica’.

Grills fired up, pickups bared open, coolers filled to the brim with specially selected beverages and patrons quickly filled the venue with anticipation of a good time. 

Throughout the night, the aroma of freshly grilled and barbecued foods permeated the venue, all while music blared from the speakers as the disc jocks entertained the “hippie” clothed partygoers.

With an attentive, chilled audience, DJ Tyler, Fatallic, Dr Esan, Travis World, Brush 1 & Franco all delivered well-curated sets that put patrons in a musical trance.

Making the experience more inclusive, the deejay interspersed segments of Rock and EDM into their playlists.

Xodus Carnival CEO Pierre Goubault noted that ‘Tailgate has become one of the highly sought-after events, because of the opportunity it presents for friends and families to come together and lyme outside of the home’.

‘It is more than just another party’, he said. ‘It is an event that fosters great experiences, bond building, and absolute enjoyment. We are extremely happy to witness the support and appreciation of this particular product, and we look forward to a bigger, better staging next year.’

As the name suggests, Tailgate allowed motorists to pull up, park and enjoy the event they curated for themself and their friends.

The venue mirrored that of a car dealership, with cars, vans and even trucks spread across the breadth of the car park.

From vintage Mercedes to party buses, patrons pulled up in their whips to have a night of fun, all while leaving ample space to cater to pedestrian partygoers.