Coffee Festival to be expanded to other parishes Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Ministry of Tourism, through the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) is exploring ways to expand the reach of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival.

In an interview with JIS News at the seventh staging of the festival, held recently in Newcastle, St. Andrew, Minister of Tourism  Edmund Bartlett, said there have been talks about expanding to different locations.

“We’ve been talking about expanding to different locations across Jamaica… and we think it is at the point where a heavier private-sector intrusion is necessary to give it more legs, more body and to take it beyond the Newcastle location,” said Bartlett.

“So, we will be talking around that in this year and beyond to see how we can take it to Mandeville, Montego Bay, Port Antonio and other places across Jamaica,” he continued.

He noted that the Ministry of Tourism, through the TEF, has been “pretty integral” to building out the strength and capacity of the festival for it to expand and grow.

Bartlett further noted that although the Ministry of Tourism does not play a direct role in the management of Jamaica’s coffee industry, it provides marketing opportunities through festivals, such as the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival.

“We are going to continue to do that – the messaging is important. We work with the brand and we expand the knowledge of the brand by doing the necessary marketing that is required. We get the content out there to the public, so they understand that Jamaica has the best coffee in the world… and we bring people here to enjoy it,” said Bartlett.

Some 59 booth holders participated in this year’s Coffee Festival, benefiting from the opportunity to showcase and sell their products.