Cops on alert in Spanish Town: Protest after ‘gangster’ fatally shot Loop Jamaica

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Reports are that criminals have sent threats to law enforcers

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Protest in Spanish Town

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Police say they are monitoring sections of Spanish Town and its environs after angry residents staged  several protests in and around the St Catherine based area.

Reports are that two men said to be gangsters were fatally shot during reported confrontations with law enforcement officers.

The first incident took place on Friday in an area called Top Banks.

Reports are that a  44 year-old man identified as  Sheldon Walters, otherwise called Termite, of Dover district, Kitson Town was killed,  during an alleged confrontation. The police say a firearm was recovered.

The other man was fatally shot on Saturday. He has been identified as 37-year-old Joseph Campbell of Browns Lane in Central Village. Reports are that residents, responding to the news, especially the incident on Friday,  blocked several roads leading in Spanish Town.

 Several thoroughfares, including March Pen Road, Burke Road and the Spanish Town Bypass were blocked with with debris, some of which was set on fire.

Police and members of the military have since increased their presence in and around the town to maitain order. At the same time, the police in St Catherine North and South divisions have also been placed on high alert following news that since those incidents criminals have isued several threats against local law enforcers.

Head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay says Spanish Town is tense at this time but have sought to assure residents that police and members of the military have the situation under control.  

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