Couple charged with conspiracy to commit murder Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Wounding with intent, conspiracy to commit murder (two counts) and being an accessory before the fact to commit murder charges have been laid against a couple in relation to an incident along the Yallahs main road in St Thomas on Friday, February 15.

Charged are 43-year-old Kemisha Bryan, otherwise called ‘Gallie’, and 23-year-old DaCosta Bernard, both of Yallahs.

Reports are that the couple resided together at a two-bedroom dwelling structure that is owned by a man. However, the police are alleging that Bryan and the landlord had been involved in a longstanding dispute, which got to the stage where Bryan threatened to kill him on numerous occasions.

In a release, it was stated that a report was made to the police, and Bryan was subsequently evicted from the dwelling.

The release from the Corporate Constabulary Unit (CCU) said subsequently, Bryan allegedly paid an undetermined sum of money to have the landlord killed in order to gain ownership of the dwelling.

The police said the landlord was shot multiple times on February 15, with Bryan’s spouse, Bernard, being allegedly aware of the crime.

Investigations led to Bryan and Bernard’s arrest, and on Thursday, February 29, the couple was charged following separate interviews.

They are scheduled to appear in the St Thomas Parish Court on Monday, March 8.