First-time councillors in St Catherine ready to serve Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Newly elected councillors of the St Catherine Municipal Corporation say they are eager to take on the task of building their respective divisions and advocating for improved services for residents.

The local representatives were installed into office on March 7 at the St Catherine Municipal Corporation in Spanish Town, following the February 26 Local Government Election. 

First-time councillor for the Mount Industry Division, Correl Davis, said that her focus will be on the improvement of water supply and upgrading of community roads.

She said she is prepared to work closely with the residents of the division, and seek support from government agencies for farmers, the elderly and community organisations.

Councillor Davis pledged to strengthen the education programme, which she undertakes with support from the Member of Parliament, St Catherine North Eastern, Kerensia Morrison.

“It will get even bigger and better,” she said.

Another first-time councillor, Dr Kurt Waul, who has been elected to serve in the Old Harbour South Division, said special focus will be placed on lobbying for the upgrading of cays to accommodate excursions and water sports to boost income-generating activities for residents.

Highlighting education and youth engagement as top priorities, Dr Waul said he intends to provide support for vocational training for those who want to go back to school, and sports activities to steer young people away from anti-social behaviours.

Addressing the ceremony, chairman of the Corporation and mayor of Spanish Town, Councillor Norman Scott, urged the councillors to focus on working for the good of the parish.

“All of us have been sent here by the voters with a clear mandate and an expectation of superb service, which must be the hallmark of the term,” he noted.

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, and Member of Parliament for St Catherine Central, Olivia Grange, congratulated the councillors.

“This set of councillors, on both sides, are some of the best that I have seen. Several professionals have been elected and I expect them all to display a sense of responsibility. They are servants of the people and I expect them to deliver service,” she said.

Member of Parliament for St Catherine North Central, Natalie Neita-Garvey, said she is pleased with the quality of the councillors, who have been elected to give service. 

“I am glad to see youth, I am glad to see females and many who are coming to make political representation a career. You are to remain sincere to the people, listen to them, but lead and lead with integrity,” she implored.

A municipal corporation has two arms – political and the administrative. The political arm is made up of councillors and headed by the mayor, who chairs the entity and is responsible for determining policies. 

The administrative arm is headed by a chief executive officer who advises and implements the policies of the council.

The corporation has responsibilities such as minor water supplies and social water, municipal parks, beautification, cemeteries, markets, abattoirs, pounds, parking facilities, parochial roads, local sustainable development planning, drains and gullies, streetlights, infirmaries, and other welfare services.