Licensed firearm holder charged after shooting incident in Kingston Loop Jamaica

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14 hrs ago

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A 44-year-old haulage contractor of Berkley Avenue, Kingston 3 was charged with wounding with intent and using a firearm to commit an offence following an incident in his community.

The accused has been identified as Raymon McPherson.

Reports from the Elletson Road Police are that about 8:10 am, on Monday, February 19, the complainant went to the above mentioned location to deliver some items, when McPherson’s vehicle was blocking the path.

An argument developed between them when McPherson pulled a firearm and shot the complainant twice. The man was assisted to the hospital where he was treated.

An investigation  commenced and McPherson was arrested and charged a ta later date, after a question and answer session in the presence of his attorney.

A court date for them is being finalised.

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