Shares added to prize package for Schools’ Challenge Quiz winners Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Derrimon Trading Company Limited, in partnership with its Delect Foods Brand, has innovatively included shares in the prize package for the victorious and runner-up teams of TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge Quiz.

As a component of the prize bundle from Delect Foods, both the champion team, St Jago High School, and the runner-up, Calabar High School, have been awarded an assortment of prizes designed to promote financial literacy and comprehensive development among students and coaches.

The collective prize package, inclusive of the shares, is valued at $1,275,600, complemented by additional gift baskets containing an array of Delect Foods products.

Derrimon CFO Ian Kelly presents a symbolic cheque to a representative of runner-up team Calabar High

Derrick Cotterell, CEO of Derrimon Trading Company Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for incorporating shares into the prize package.

“At Derrimon, we believe in providing the next generation with not just financial rewards but also the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of the financial world. By including Derrimon shares in our prize package, we aim to instil a sense of ownership and responsibility in these young minds, empowering them to make informed financial decisions for their future.”

Derrimon also commended the students and their coaches for their hard work, dedication, and exemplary display of intellectual prowess throughout the competition.

As proud sponsors for the second consecutive year, Derrimon Trading Company Limited, along with the Delect Foods Brand, remains committed to promoting the overall well-being and academic excellence among the youth of Jamaica.

The prize breakdown is as follows:

Winning Team (St. Jago High School):

1. 25,000 Derrimon Trading Shares for each member of the winning team (4 members + 2 coaches) – Total: 150,000 shares

2. Delect Foods Baskets for each member 

3. Financial literacy workshop for the team and coaches focusing on “Investment for Beginners.”

4.J$100,000 cash prize for each player

Runner-Up Team (Calabar High School):

1. 10,000 Derrimon Trading Shares for each member of the runner-up team 

2. Delect Foods Baskets for each member

3. Financial literacy workshop for the team and coaches focusing on “Investment for Beginners”

4.$50,000 cash prize for each player (4 players)