Soldiers charged after ‘disobeying cops, speeding off on highway Loop Jamaica

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Cops ‘chase soldiers on highway

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Two men said to be members of the Jamaica Defence Force have been charged after they were accused of disobeying a team of police officers who signalled for them to stop on the Edward Seaga Highway.

Reports are that about 4:50pm on Monday, the soldiers were travelling on the busy thoroughfare towards Kingston, when they were reportedly signalled to stop by members of a police team.

Allegations are that the soldiers disobeyed and sped off.

The police said the soldiers were again signalled to stop by another team of officers, who were metres away from where the first team of lawmen were operating, and they were again accused of ignoring the instructions.

Reports are that they were cornered as they attempted to pass through a toll booth on the highway.

A member of the police team said the soldiers were charged and issued several tickets for disobeying the orders of the police.

A video of the incident has since been circulating on social media.

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