‘Tights’ worn to court costs accused chance to have case dismissed Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

A woman who is charged with receiving stolen property missed an opportunity to be freed of the charge in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday, due to how she was dressed.

The accused, Paris Vidal, was denied entry into court because she was wearing a pair of tights, which is against the dress code for the court and most Government buildings.

Not only was Vidal denied entry into court, but Parish Judge Sanchia Burrell issued a bench warrant for her because she did not appear as required in court. However, the warrant was stayed until Tuesday where the matter is expected to continue in court.

The matter had been set for the final mention on Monday for the prosecuting police office to submit a statement to provide proof that the items in question were stolen. The crucial statement is required for the crown to proceed with the case.

Judge Burrell told Vidal’s attorney Matthew Sims that the matter would have been disposed of on Monday for want of prosecution had the accused been properly attired.

Also, because of the length of time the case has been before the court, the matter was expected to have been thrown out for want of prosecution.

However, Judge Burrell would not see the accused woman on the day, but gave instructions for Vidal to come back.