Career cop Dr Kevin Blake ready for top crime-fighting job Loop Jamaica

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Newly installed Commissioner of Police, Dr Kevin Blake, says he stands ready to partner with stakeholders, chief of which are citizens of Jamaica, in the interest of national security.

He was speaking at a change of command ceremony, held at the Office of the Police Commissioner in St Andrew, on Monday.

“If we say we want to slay this crime monster that threatens to ruin the fabric of our society, then we must be prepared to move past the negativism and the useless rhetoric of self-defeat. We must be prepared to have a shared understanding and an accurate definition of the nature and scope of the problem we all want to solve,” the commissioner argued. 

“Make no mistake, the Jamaica Constabulary Force is the agency of the State with the primary responsibility for the reduction of crime and violence in Jamaica. The buck stops with us, yet we welcome sincere partnerships, and we respect that we all have a role to play – government, non-governmental and individuals alike,” he added. 

Blake further noted that partnership with mainstream media is critical in sharing accurate and timely information, adding that he looks forward to engaging with media stakeholders.

“We respect the values of transparency, truth and accountability to the public as essential in the fight to defeat crime and make Jamaica safer. I say to the Jamaican press, we need your partnership to help us live up to these values in an environment where citizens can access information from multiple sources which do not meet the basics in journalistic practice and ethics,” the commissioner said.

“It is in the interest of the public that mainstream media be a credible and reliable source of content that is not only timely, accurate and verifiable, but which is also subject to careful and more thoughtful analysis that will equip Jamaicans to make better decisions about their personal safety and that of their families and communities.  I look forward to having conversations with the press to give deeper insights into the transformation to better inform your journalism and public advocacy,” he noted.

New Commissioner of Police, Dr Kevin Blake (right), receives a framed replica of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s core values from outgoing Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson, at the Change of Command ceremony, held at the Office of the Police Commissioner, located at 101-105 Old Hope Road, in St Andrew, on March 18. (Photo: CCU)

He said the Jamaica Constabulary Force will continue to enhance its capabilities using cutting-edge tools to stay ahead of criminal activities.

“Crime is ever-evolving, and our partnerships and collaborative efforts must be equal to the task, and so we will continue to enhance our intelligence capabilities, leveraging data-driven insights and employing cutting-edge tools to stay ahead of criminal activities,” the commissioner said.

Blake emphasised that community engagement will remain paramount to building relationships and safer communities.

“In all our police divisions a key priority is to maintain open lines of communication and cooperation with the people to create safer neighbourhoods, to build trust and encouraging our communities to proudly play their part in the shared responsibility of public safety,” he said.

He added, as well, that transparency and accountability are cornerstones to that approach that will be used to maintain the high standard of professionalism, while ensuring that their actions are just, fair and in the best interest of the communities they serve. 

“Our attainment of ISO 9001 certification is a critical achievement. No other police force in the region has yet attained this important quality management benchmark. It is important to note that we are focused on the continuous expansion of the scope of our ISO quality management process, to include not only more police locations but also more police services to increase the professional quality experiences more Jamaicans will feel when they interact with their police force,” he noted.

Commissioner of Police Dr Kevin Blake (centre) is surrounded by smiling faces. (Photo: CCU)

Blake said he stands ready to continue serving while leading the Jamaica Constabulary Force. 

“I bring to this job integrity of heart and skilful hands. I am a servant of the laws and Constitution of Jamaica. I will not shrink back in doing what is right for the people of Jamaica, and I have the utmost confidence in the men and women of the JCF, who share my heart and determination,” the commissioner said.

“In these exciting and momentous times for the JCF, I know my men and women will acquit themselves well. I’m also looking forward to continue receiving the brightest and the best to join our numbers. The JCF is a great place to serve and to build a career. I’m here to partner with every stakeholder, chief of which are citizens of Jamaica in the interest of the national security of our country. I am here to serve and I am here to lead,” Blake added.