DJ Akademiks Urges Meek Mill To Clear His Name Over Alleged Diddy Ties

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

DJ Akademiks is calling out Meek Mill over his silence in the ongoing saga involving Diddy following a lawsuit filed by producer Lil Rod that the Bad Boy Records CEO had homosexual relations with several artists.

In the lawsuit, innuendos or information leading to the identification of several artists were given, leading fans to conclude the artists’ identities based on their dating relationships and recent career activities.

The lawsuit did not outrightly name the artists, but Lil Rod’s lawyer, Tyrone Blackburn, used several descriptions for the artists’ names, which were redacted. Still, the description used can easily conclude who the person is.

In several paragraphs with the name redacted, there are claims that a particular rapper was on Diddy’s yacht engaging with underaged girls and prostitutes while on vacation to the US Virgin Islands, and another claim in which Diddy allegedly claimed that he had sex with the same rapper.

The first mention of the same rapper is on page eight (8), which summarizes the points of the lawsuit.

Meek Mill

“Rapper3 (REDACTED) on Mr. Combs yacht consorting with underaged girls, sex workers, and j. R&B Singer4 (REDACTED) in Mr. Combs Los Angeles home consorting with underaged girls and sex workers,” the lawsuit reads.

The corresponding footnotes describe the rapper as “he is a Philadelphia Rapper who dated Nicki Minaj,” while the footnote for the R&B singer’s description was “he is a Grammy Award winning R&B singer who had trouble with law enforcement after assaulting a Bajan Billionaire.”

Elsewhere, it is explicitly mentioned that there was an alleged sexual relationship between Diddy and the rapper and between Diddy and another artist.

“71. Mr. Combs informed Mr. Jones that he had engaged in sexual intercourse with rapper5 (REDACTED), R&B singer6 (REDACTED), and Stevie J,” the lawsuit claims.

The footnotes were very explicit as to narrowing down the artists’ identities.

“He is a Philadelphia Rapper who dated Nicki Minaj,” footnote five read, while footnote 6 read, “He performed at the Superbowl and had a successful Vegas residency.”

Meek Mill is the only rapper from Philadelphia who has dated Nicki Minaj, as revealed by DJ Akademiks on Tuesday night. While going through the lawsuit, he expressed shock at the allegations.

“Yow Meek, we were playing around with that Michael Rubin sh*t but if you don’t been tweeting about everything on planet earth. If you don’t get [on] a Twitter rant saying you about to get Lil Rod killed, you about to shoot up his block, blow his momma’s house up! This n***a is saying you and Diddy were fornicating! What the f**k! Meek!” the hip-hop streamer said.

As the clips of Akademiks went viral, resurfaced photos of Meek Mill awkwardly posing in pictures with Diddy and others where they wore matching outfits went viral.

Another video also showed Diddy referring to Meek as “Daddy.” However, some folks have defended the video, noting that New York ‘old heads’ often refer to men they respect as ‘daddy,’ and it was just a way of speaking and nothing sexual.

Meek Mill has not responded to the lawsuit mentioning him. On the other hand, Diddy’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, has called the lawsuit frivolous and a money grab by Lil Rod.

The other two artists described in the footnotes have also been quiet. In the lawsuit, Jones claims that he has footage of the R&B artist who had trouble with a Bajan billionaire with underaged girls, along with other evidence.