Evergo Jamaica to launch EV charging hub in 2026 Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Electric vehicle (EV) charging network, Evergo Jamaica has announced that Evergo Connect—its state-of-the-art charging hub facility powered 100 per cent by renewable energy for electric vehicles—is slated for launch in 2026.

In a release Wednesday, Evergo Jamaica said the development marks a significant milestone in the region’s electric charging landscape, following the lead of Evergo Dominican Republic, which opened its doors today, April 17, in Punta Cana.

The release said Evergo Connect seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, sustainability initiatives, and modern amenities to offer users a tailored charging experience within a comfortable environment.

The hub is poised to revolutionise electric mobility in Jamaica and beyond, Evergo Jamaica said.

At Evergo Connect DR, users will find 29 fully equipped charging spots, each outfitted with ultra-fast chargers capable of replenishing an electric vehicle’s battery in under 20 minutes, depending on its capacity.

These chargers cater not only to passenger vehicles but also to cargo transportation needs.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the release said Evergo Connect DR provides complimentary Wi-Fi access, relaxation areas, co-working spaces, dining options, a children’s play area, electric vehicle rental services, and a showroom with the latest innovations in the electric vehicle sector.

The hub’s chargers and facilities are powered entirely by renewable energy from photovoltaic generation, made possible through a partnership with sister company CEPM and its renewable energy concession area.

The establishment of Evergo Connect underscores Evergo’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Rolando González Bunster, President and CEO of InterEnergy Group, Evergo’s parent company, said:

We take great pride in this project, developed entirely by local talent, which positions us at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

Looking ahead, Evergo plans to expand its footprint to key cities such as Santo Domingo, Mexico City, and Panama City, with additional plans for expansion into New York.

With a presence in markets including Jamaica, Uruguay, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Aruba, Evergo has installed more than 15,000 chargers, encompassing public, residential (My Evergo), and corporate (Evergo Fleet) charging stations. In the Dominican Republic alone, the network exceeds 560 units.

“Our goal is to continue our growth in the region and serve as a model for promoting electric mobility and environmental sustainability,” added Rolando González Bunster. “Through our network, we have already mitigated over 2.5 million kilograms of CO2 emissions, and we are committed to making an even greater impact on the journey towards a greener future.”

Additionally, Evergo Connect introduces a ‘Battery Swap’ system to ensure seamless operation for delivery services within and outside the electric station.

Moreover, Evergo Connect DR features a patented system with stationary bicycles within its facilities. These bicycles harness kinetic energy generated by users’ physical exercise, converting it into energy credits applied to the user’s charging bill via the Evergo app.

The development of Evergo Connect DR required an investment of approximately US$10 million, with crucial support from IDB Invest, the private investment arm of the Inter-American Development Bank, and Bank of America. 

Evergo Connect in Jamaica will mirror the features and amenities of the facility in the Dominican Republic.