‘EZY’ does it: Entrepreneur grows her business by helping others Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Entrepreneur Janal McLean’s story exemplifies how fate can shape one’s destiny.

A decade ago, McLean found herself running an office without any formal training in administrative duties.

Her tech-savviness and determination allowed her to develop the framework of the entire operations herself.

She realised she could offer virtual administrative services and started EZY Admin, which later evolved into EZY Admin, now EZY Advertising Management.

“It was my side hustle but eventually, that side hustle evolved into something lucrative,” she said of the six-year-old company.

McLean expanded her services to include social media and digital marketing, as well as a learning management platform called easyadaccess.com.

The platform enables individuals to share their knowledge and earn from it, particularly for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

To help MSMEs leverage social media and digital marketing for growth, McLean not only manages it for them but also teaches them how to manage their socials and understand the analytics and mechanics behind digital marketing.

“I focus a lot on MSMEs and I have seen people creating courses, for example, a lash or nail courses. They get to develop their content, upload it on the platform and have this as a passive income stream,” she said.

Her years of working at educational institutions and attending business incubators and workshops from the Branson Centre, RevUp Caribbean, and the Young Entrepreneurs Association have given her the tools to build and teach others.

By offering studio services and managing payments through the platform for her clients, McLean ensures that MSMEs have the necessary tools and know-how to create, edit, and monetize their videos.

Despite some clients opting for a do-it-yourself approach, McLean believes that the value of her guidance becomes evident when they realize they are not achieving optimal results.