KFC Jamaica launches new online ordering platform Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

As part of KFC Jamaica’s commitment to leveraging technology, expanding its digital footprint and enhancing the overall customer experience, the quick service food giant has launched its enhanced online ordering platform, branded EZ-KFC, which went live in late February.

Through EZ-KFC, KFC customers can now order their favourite KFC meals online at the new kfcjamaica.com websitefor pick-up at 36 of its 40 KFC restaurants islandwide. This latest move reaffirms KFC’s commitment to improving convenience and access for its customers.

“Our new EZ-KFC online ordering platform allows our customers to easily order their favourite KFC meals through kfcjamaica.com, pay online, and collect their meals at most of restaurants islandwide without having to join the queue with customers doing walk-in transactions. Our customers are the driving force behind expanding our online ordering experience. We completely understand the realities of our customer demands on our traditional ordering channels and we wanted to make KFC more accessible, convenient and enjoyable,” shared Brand Manager Andrei Roper.

EZ-KFC represents a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform designed to streamline the ordering process for KFC meals. Through the newly enhanced kfcjamaica.com website, customers can effortlessly select their favourite KFC meals and complete payment using their credit or debit card. Upon arrival at the store for pick-up, customers will benefit from expedited service, bypassing the traditional queue and accessing a dedicated point of sale service areas for online orders.

“EZ-KFC offers expanded accessibility to our customer base. It caters to our ever-increasing online oriented customers and the growing demand for a faster restaurant experience,” added Roper.

Alongside the launch of the EZ-KFC platform, KFC has expanded its WhatsApp ordering service to cover the same 36 that will also be serviced by KFC’s website ordering. This expansion allows customers to continue placing orders for pick-up and paying online conveniently through the familiar 876-333-2KF (2532) KFC WhatsApp platform, with increased islandwide coverage.

“We are glad to announce that WhatsApp ordering is now available in 36 restaurants, so customers have the option of ordering and paying online, either through WhatsApp, or directly at kfcjamaica.com.”

The introduction of the EZ-KFC website ordering platform and the expansion of WhatsApp ordering underscore KFC’s unwavering dedication to innovation and customer-centric service. As KFC continues to evolve its e-commerce capabilities, it remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering unparalleled mealtime experiences to customers across Jamaica.