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A taxi operator in Clarendon has found himself on the wrong side of the law after reportedly making off with a firearm that was left atop a tissue holder in a restroom.

The firearm had reportedly been left there by a man who had used the restroom.

Cabbie, 27-year-old Kevance Cole of Moores district in Clarendon, is now facing charges of simple larceny (firearm), possession of prohibited weapon, and unauthorised possession of ammunition following the reported March 1 theft of the firearm at a business establishment in Mineral Heights in the parish.

Reports from the May Pen police are that about 2:20pm, the man used a restroom at the business establishment and left his assigned firearm atop the tissue holder.

He later discovered that he was not in possession of the pistol and returned to the location, but the weapon was not there.

The police were summoned, and CCTV footage in the establishment was reviewed.

Cole was reportedly observed entering the restroom and then leaving with something concealed at his waistband. He reportedly left without collecting what he had ordered at the business place.

Following an operation, Cole was taken into custody on March 8 and was charged after being positively identified on March 12.

The charges were subsequently laid against him.

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