Muzika’s ‘Ballerz Paradise’ debut, a tribute to The Rock Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Ricardo Scarlett, better known as Muzika, has released his debut single, Ballerz Paradise, touting his favourite little Rock on the planet.

In his lyrics, Muzika notes the island’s irresistible charm, likens the vibes to paradise, and celebrates the island’s status as the ultimate travel destination.

The track’s production embodies a fusion of varied and diverse influences, inspired by many sources, including Dubai’s lively streets and Jamaica’s vibrant culture.

Ricardo Scarlett, better known as ‘Muzicka’ in promotional images for Ballerz Paradise. (Photo: Contributed)

The visuals however – quite vivid promotional images – tell a story of life by the beach, summer in paradise, and the joys of living on a tropical island.

Muzika is as conscious about his craft as he is about the business of entertainment. He also plans to capitalise on the tourism dollar (the Jamaica Tourist Board reported a record-breaking one million visitors and generated tourism earnings of US$1b between January and February 2024).

He released a complementary Ballerz Paradise e-shop stocked with branded merch. From T-shirts to ponchos, and flip-flops to bikinis, all bearing the ‘Ballerz Paradise hummingbird’ logo.

A screenshot from featuring merchandise bearing the ‘Ballerz Paradise’ logo. (Photo:

The e-commerce website went live in tandem with the release of the track and visuals.

But, merch aside, Muzika’s focus is promoting brand Jamaica.

“Jamaica is the most beautiful place on earth to me, we have everything,” he said in a statement.

“The beaches, the culture, the music, the food, the people. ‘Ballerz Paradise’ is my homage to Jamaica, inviting everyone to experience its magic.”

Ballerz Paradise is a compilation of dancehall beats and the influence of world music, which, in many ways is an invitation for a global audience to explore the magic of Jamaica’s unique allure.

Listen to Ballerz Paradise below