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Carnival in Jamaica is big deal for many.

It typically involves months of planning and preparation for the final celebration – Road March – which is set for Sunday, April 7 this year.

From dazzling costumes of varying degrees to event tickets and accommodations, the expenses can add up quickly.

Planning ahead and budgeting accordingly ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience without breaking the bank for costumes that average between US$700 and US$2,000.

How are you financing your carnival celebrations? Select the option that fits your approach best.

Financing carnival

Budgeting and saving

20% (3 votes)

Side hustle

33% (5 votes)

Carnival loan

27% (4 votes)


0% (0 votes)

Brand collaboration 

0% (0 votes)


20% (3 votes)

Total votes: 15

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