Quick-draw cop sends robbers bolting, leaving their ‘piece’ and ‘ride’ Loop Jamaica

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12 hrs ago

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Gunmen who pounced upon a man as he sat in his car were surprised when the would-be victim turned out to be an off-duty policeman who repelled their attack and forced them to flee, leaving their weapon and a motorcar behind.

According to reports from the St Ann’s Bay police, the incident unfolded at about 12:40 am at the intersection of the Llandovery main road and the Mines main road in the parish.

The gunmen reportedly approached the cop, pointed a light in his face and demanded that he exit his car at gunpoint.

In response, the cop complied, but then surprised the gunmen when he challenged them.

In addition to their weapon – a Taurus 9mm pistol with eight 9mm rounds of ammunition – the gunmen also left behind a grey Toyota Altis motorcar.

Investigations are ongoing into the incident.

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