SVL Foundation gives state children exclusive flight experience Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Supreme Ventures Foundation (SVF) recently hosted its Dream Supreme exclusive flight experience which gifted 80 youths in the care of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) the experience of a sky-bound journey. The flight facilitated by Caribbean Airlines commuted from Montego Bay to Kingston.

The chartered flight carried youths hailing from various CPFSA Homes including Homestead, Wortley Homes, The Nest, Annie Dawson Sunbeam, SOS, Yadel, and St Andrew Hostel. The Dream Supreme experience also included a bus commute to Montego Bay for a special pre-flight luncheon at the Grand View Hotel.

Reflecting on the initiative, Chloleen Daley-Muschett, Corporate Communications and PR Manager of Supreme Ventures Limited, shared: “We came up with the idea of the plane ride after brainstorming about how best we could give them an unforgettable treat while simultaneously inspiring them to dream big – that’s how the Dream Supreme initiative was born. Through initiatives like these, we seek to inspire these young adults to believe in the boundless potential that lies within them. Every activity that the SVF curates for those who reside in state care is done with the objective of positively impacting their lives while ensuring there’s always an element of fun. This experience is a testament to our commitment to fostering dreams and nurturing aspirations.”

Accompanied by 16 dedicated caregivers, the Caribbean Airlines chartered flight provided an experience lasting 40 minutes from Montego Bay to Kingston.

The young adults were also feted with gifts at the pre-flight luncheon. Dr Warren Thompson, Director of Children and Family Programmes at CPFSA, praised the initiative as a transformative journey.

He noted the pivotal role initiatives like the Dream Supreme flight had in enriching the lives of those in state care, offering them avenues for personal growth and enjoyment. Beyond mere entertainment, these initiatives hold profound significance, contributing significantly to the holistic well-being and development of the participating children.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Supreme Ventures Foundation for their unwavering support and generosity towards those under the care of CPFSA. Their dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of these children is commendable, and we cannot thank them enough for organising such a memorable day,” expressed  Dr Thompson. “The overall experience was nothing short of remarkable. The day was filled with excitement and joy as everyone embarked on a fun-filled adventure from Kingston to Montego Bay. From the moment they boarded the bus to the final touchdown back in Kingston, laughter and smiles were abundant. We feel incredibly fortunate to have the Supreme Ventures Foundation as a steadfast partner in our mission to prioritise the well-being and enhance the experience of children who come into state care.”

In discussing Supreme Ventures’ five-year partnership with CPFSA, Daley-Muschett emphasised, “The Supreme Ventures Foundation is committed to supporting the programmes that support children in state care, and our partners the CPFSA, who tirelessly manage the programme. Over the years, we embarked on initiatives including the Fire Safety Programme, the 20th Anniversary Scholarship Programme, our Annual Junior Creators Robotics Camp that includes wards of the state and last year we started our Back-To-School dental care initiative for those in the state care. We don’t want to lament the fact that they are underprivileged; we want to empower them, to support them in their journey to success and to celebrate their hard work along the way. It is always a rewarding feeling to see the smiles and pure joy emanating from everyone year after year and knowing that we were able to play a part in their happiness, is very heartwarming.”