‘Where rubber hits the road’: New top cop on the move Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Newly appointed Commissioner of Police Dr Kevin Blake has been touring a number of police divisions in the Corporate Area as the men and women under his command take on the task of fighting crime.

During a recent tour, the commissioner engaged police officers.

“So the greatest of plans and strategies that we have crafted at the level of the high command and even at the Area level, it makes no sense if persons on the ground are not implementing the plan or don’t understand the plan,” the commissioner said in a video release after his tour.

He said it is important to carry the message to the crime-fighters.

“Both Area 4 and Area 5 have been doing exceptionally well in terms of their strategies and murder reduction and the effort and the motivation that I’ve seen on the on the ground, speaking with the men and women, is very encouraging, and the figures are reflecting,” he said.

Areas four and five cover Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine.

The police commissioner is optimistic that law enforcers will put a dent in crime.

“We expect great things for the rest of this year. We are taking it quarter by quarter. The last quarter was excellent. Our figures were probably one of the lowest we’ve had in a number of years, and we’ve gotten promises that this quarter that we’re in now is going to be even better,” he said.