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The front of Irwin High School in St James.

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The police have taken into custody the 14-year-old male student of Irwin High School in St James who has been implicated in the fatal stabbing of another student of the institution.

The suspect was brought in by his parents, and the police are in the process of conducting further investigations, including interviews with him.

Deputy Superintendent Michael Moore, crime officer for the St James Police Division, said the boy was brought to the Granville Police Station in the parish on Friday by his mother.

“Presently, he is being interviewed in the presence of his attorney, and the investigations are flowing smoothly and an update will be provided as soon as possible,” said Moore.

The police have said in recent times the country has been experiencing a significant level of violence within schools, and Moore had some advice for students within his division..

“For students within the St James division, we are urging you to really just ease down on the violence. We want you to recognise that all the issues that you have can be solved (peacefully),” he said.

The police are urging persons to find and use alternative means to resolve disputes.

On Thursday,  15-year-old Raniel Plummer lost his life in Granville, St James after being stabbed outside the Irwin High School gate.

Reports from the Montego Bay police were that Raniel and another student had an altercation at school.

About 3pm, Raniel was reportedly approached by the same student, along with a group of other boys, who reportedly attacked Raniel.

During the altercation, a knife was used to stab the 15-year-old boy in the chest.

In a widely circulated voicenote after the stabbing incident on Thursday, a woman identifying herself as Raneil’s mom appealed for prayers for her injured son.

However, after being taken to the hospital, he died while being treated.

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